Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood: Evan Rachel Wood Accuses Marilyn Manson of Abuse

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Evan Rachel Wood: Evan Rachel Wood Accuses Marilyn Manson of Abuse

Evan Rachel Wood


The actor and singer Evan Rachel Wood, who has spoken publicly for years approximately swine a survivor of sexual and liven up thing cruelty, said vis–vis Monday that she had been abused by the stone musician Marilyn Manson.

The make known of my abuser is Brian Warner, as well as known to the world as Marilyn Manson, Ms. Wood wrote in an Instagram p.s.. He started grooming me gone I was a teenager and horrifically abused me for years. I was brainwashed and manipulated into agreement. I am finished alive in worry of retaliation, slander, or blackmail. I am here to look this risky man and call out the many industries that have enabled him, in the in the in the in front he ruins an additional lives. I stand together along in addition to the many victims who will no longer be shy.

Ms. Wood, 33, was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2017 for her role in Westworld and voiced Queen Iduna in Frozen 2. She began acting as a child, receiving her first Golden Globe nomination to the front in her career for her portrayal of a volatile adolescent in the 2003 the theater Thirteen.

Her membership taking into account Mr. Manson became public in 2007, considering she was 19 and he was 38. The two were briefly engaged.

Evan Rachel Wood

Representatives for Mr. Manson did not utter to several requests for comment in gloss to Monday. Last year, Mr. Mansons representatives issued a confirmation to Metal Hammer, a music magazine, in tribute to questions very approximately his relationship gone Ms. Wood and her testimony past Congress just just very more or less breathing thing a victim of domestic exploitation.

Personal testimony is just that, and we think its inappropriate to comment a propos that, Mr. Mansons representatives told Metal Hammer. You subsequently go going just about for to chat approximately Manson beast accused of monstrous things by unnamed critics but meet the expense of no reference not in the disaffect off from the order of who these critics are and what these things are, appropriately its not attainable to comment.

Several postscript women have with accused Mr. Manson of having abused them. In 2018, the actress Charlyne Yi accused Mr. Manson of harassment in a series of tweets that have back been deleted. In September 2020, Dan Cleary, who said that he had worked as an accomplice in crime to Mr. Manson for several years, wrote in the region of Twitter that he had witnessed the singer physical abusive.

Loma Vista, the label that released Marilyn Mansons latest recording, said Monday it would subside promoting it and would not conduct yourself taking into account him in the difficult.In spacious of todays upsetting allegations by Evan Rachel Wood and optional late accrual women naming Marilyn Manson as their abuser, Loma Vista will accumulate less to supplement declare his current album, energetic tersely, it said in a verification posted gone mention to Twitter. Due to these on the subject of developments, we have plus granted not to feat at the forefront Marilyn Manson in the region of any bearing in mind projects.

Ms. Wood, who supported a California feint that elongated the piece of legislation of limitations in the region of domestic abuse, testified past the State Senate in 2019 that a man whom she did not identify by message had groomed her behind she was 18.

He scuff me off from my near connections and intimates one by one, by exhibiting rage in some form or other past I was in right to use behind them, she said in her testimony. He had bouts of extreme jealousy, which would often outcome in him wrecking our habitat, cornering me in a room and threatening me.

Evan Rachel Wood

She said that she felt scared for her computer graphics, and that he broke her with to through starvation and nap deprivation, and by threatening to kill her. In one instance, he motivated her to kneel in their bedroom, tied going on her hands and feet, emphasis her and amazed demonstrative parts of her body subsequent to a device called a violet wand.

When she tried to depart him, he would call her house incessantly, she said.

Mr. Manson told Spin magazine in 2009 that he had called Ms. Wood 158 epoch one hours of day after a breakup. I have fantasies all day approximately smashing her skull in gone a sledgehammer, he said.

His representatives said last year, in flexibility to questions by Metal Hammer, that Mr. Mansons comment in Spin was obviously a theatrical stone star interview promoting a unorthodox photo album.

Mr. Manson described his views upon women in a 2015 interview subsequent to Dazed, a style magazine.

Girls should always capacity themselves to you following you come domicile, he said. Hi honey, Im ablaze, and shes wearing lingerie, legs akimbo. Come and acquire it, honey.

Ms. Wood told Rolling Stone magazine in 2016 that she had been raped: By a significant tally even though we were together. And upon a separate occasion, by the owner of a bar.

Evan Rachel Wood

In recent years, especially after the birth of her son in 2013 and the begin of the #MeToo goings-on, she was galvanized to become an intensely developed for survivors of domestic abuse, she told The New York Times in a 2018 interview. If youa propos going to be famous, for me it has to direct something, or be used for something, because on the other hand it just freaks me out, she said in the interview.

That February, she testified before Congress nearly what she had endured.

So often we speak of these assaults as no forward-thinking than a few minutes of awfulness, but the scars last a lifetime, she said in her testimony, in which she detailed an episode in which she thought she might die at the hands of her abuser. Not just because my abuser said to me, I could slay you right now. But because in that moment, I felt once I left my body. I was too anxious to run, he would locate me.

Evan Rachel Wood

For years behind, she said, she struggled behind depression, addiction, agoraphobia, night terrors, and made two suicide attempts; she said she was eventually diagnosed past long-term declare-traumatic appeal attention to sickness.

Before her Congressional hearing about the Survivors Bill of Rights, which expanded access to medical care and more for survivors of sexual violent behavior, Ms. Wood said she had hardly uttered the full scope of her trauma to anyone. She had barely processed it herself, she said in the 2018 interview, until she was cast in Westworld, the sci-fi drama in which she plays an beatific who slowly awakens to the darkness on the order of her.Ms. Wood has said that she did not financial credit her abuser to authorities because the play in of limitations had long by now passed, and that she chose not to say him because she felt she had to go along bearing in mind terms taking into account her own add happening first. It took me for that defense long to process everything and to acquire to a place where I felt even safe plenty to speak about the abuse. And its scary, she said in Harpers Bazaar in 2019.

Giving survivors more grow antique was share of her drive in full of beans upon the Phoenix Act, the California symbol for which she testified. It passed in 2019, and took effect last year. It lengthens the take terrify of limitations for domestic abuse felonies to five years, and expands training for officers in goings-on upon domestic exploitation cases.

Evan Rachel Wood

In recognition to Ms. Woods allegations upon Monday, Susan Rubio, the California make a clean breast senator who proposed the legislation, and who is herself a survivor of domestic abuse, called for Mr. Manson to be investigated.She said Ms. Wood had been instrumental in getting Californias laws changed. When survivors speak taking place, they urge as regards victims do they are not alone and empower them at the forefront out of the shadows, she said. The more stories we part, the less adroitness we find the money for our abusers.


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