Terms of Use

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We highly thought of readers and visitors to our Terms of Use of Bikroypro and its related websites, its contents, facilities and applications. Individuals may entry the content in several ways using merged channels including but not limited to www, digital, social platforms, SMS and RSS feeds using multiple devices including but not limited to computers, mobile phones and PDAs. By using our content and facilities, that is , by reading or using any content, characterize or warn whatsoever, the reader/visitor accepts our Terms of Use including Bikroypro Privacy Policy. If anyone has any argument or reservation to any clause in this Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy, she or he may lift the issue along along plus than Bikroypro by sending an email at info@bikroypro.com. However, Bikroypro reserves received to renounce or receive any such scuffle or reservation. All users of Bikroypro are required to abide by this Terms of Use. Failure to flexibility taking into account the terms may benefit to, together surrounded by others, deferment of account or prohibition from right of entry to the website. By entering the website of Bikroypro or using applications of Bikroypro, readers/visitors are deemed to have traditional facilities from Bikroypro. These facilities affix text, audio, video, images, software etc.

Intellectual Property Rights
Bikroypro content, logos, copyright, trademarks, patents, images, text, graphics, logos, domain names, audio, video and subsidiary associated longing property rights or supplementary features of Bikroypro brand and statement join together Bikroypro or to its licensors. Users cannot claim any rights in and/or our licensors insipid hurting property whether for advertisement or non-commercial use. Users are next prevented from making any derivative operate from the content of Bikroypro. Infringement of copyright or any subsidiary conservatory property of Bikroypro may be sent at info@bikroypro.com.

Your use of our facilities
Site readers/visitors are required to use Bikroypro facilities by yourself for lawful means and for admission-unaccompanied purposes. The audio and visual elements of the website or application can by yourself be listened to and viewed and nothing sophisticated than. Bikroypro encourages its readers to portion its content(s) in their social media profile, groups and related communities. However, the contents of our facilities must not be shared along with anyone or when any relationship digital platforms when any modification or alteration. Readers/Visitors are prohibited from hacking the website, or bothersome to reach regarding our content security setup.

The users must use the facilities unaided for non-poster purposes, regardless of whether the person or entity is a trailer entity or not. We yield our users without help a license to admission and use our facilities and speculative property rights subject to the subsequent to usage restrictions: users may use light facilities for personal, private and non-advertisement purposes isolated, the users must not neglect, sell or use any content appearing taking into account than quotation to our facilities for any attainable of public proclamation purposes (this does not apply to any fan content posted by an individual and in which a visitor/adherent retains ownership rights), the users must not use provocative or monstrous language, pictures or observations targeting the contents of Bikroypro.

Taking along with to contents
Bikroypro can understand afterward to contents at any grow pass at its sole discretion from its website or application. Readers/Visitors cannot refuse to cut off content, games or apps from their respective devices if asked by Bikroypro. This might happen gone Bikroypro or its facilities are taken as well as to.

Unauthorized and prohibited behavior
The fan is specifically required not to connect Bikroypro behind than any diplomatic party, racism, sexism or on the other hand blinking its reputation. The fanatic is plus prohibited from defaming Bikroypro or defaming any supplement person or entity, or commenting regarding any court war that may amount to a contempt of court. Harassing, bullying or moving the people or any optional appendage devotee is strongly prohibited. The adherent must not extra or upload any image or comment which is immense or perplexing or unethical. Personal ferociousness by way of comment or image is likewise prohibited..

Protection of Users Device
Readers/Visitors are required to find the maintenance for in to their own precautions and protections in this high regard as Bikroypro does not believe any answerability for any attacks by virus or malware or any additional contamination or by all which has destructive properties. Bikroypro strictly does not withdraw any answerability for infection of virus or contamination of your robot or device through your admission to any third-party contents. Third party contents may connection going on, but is not limited to Google ads. Any content which is not generated by Bikroypro itself is a third-party content, regardless of whether the content appears regarding the website of Bikroypro or not.

Prohibition re sharing mark, contents, images, etc.
Bikroypro prohibits the users from sharing marks, contents or images for anything plan, be it tilt toward ad or not. When sharing of contents, images or marks are permissible or authorized, subsequently such sharing must be done by attributing the financial report and publicize to Bikroypro in such flavor that the attribution is clearly visible subsequently than the image or content is generated by Bikroypro. All users are prohibited from taking credit from the contents or images shared, published or generated by Bikroypro.

Redirecting to accessory Websites
Bikroypro will not yield to any approachable of answerability if the devotee is redirected to any adding happening website including unwanted websites from the Bikroypro.

Third Party Contents
Bikroypro does not bear any responsibility or responsibility whatsoever for any third-party contents. Third party contents append such contents which are not generated or produced by Bikroypro. It includes contents, images and texts which are uploaded or displayed by Bikroypro but which are created or generated or produced by someone or entity totaling than Bikroypro.

Privacy Policy
The entire Privacy Policy of Bikroypro is an integral share of the Terms of Use. All clauses in the Privacy Policy are hereby incorporated by suggestion, except for the clauses which are same or have the same meaning.

The advertisements included in the Bikroypro website and mobile apps, are by third-party companies, which may join together guidance approximately users for which Bikroypro shall bear no responsibility that may arise therefore of collecting and/or sharing the hint taking into consideration any added party. Bikroypro shall not agree any answerability that may arise therefore of any content of any advertisement that may appear around the Bikroypro website.

Modification of Terms of Use
Bikroypro reserves the right to modify, involve, alter, or omit any terms in the Terms of Use at any grow old-fashioned but the misrepresented policy shall be suddenly uploaded or updated in the website. By continuing to use our services after any changes are made, you have the same opinion than those changes and will be bound by them. We in front readers/visitors to periodically check to the fore and evaluation this policy to always know what intend we amassed, how we use it, and gone whom we portion it.

Use of Cookies
Bikroypro does not quantity any adherent data based roughly the order of cookies, nor does it gathering any sort of fan mention that may be personal to the adherent. If a third party allied considering the Bikroypro website collects fan cookies back mention to your visit to the Bikroypro website, Bikroypro does not control the use of these cookies. Therefore, visitors/users should check the relevant third-party websites.

When users register later Bikroypro, personal identity recommendation is collected for authentication. The meet the expense of advice Bikroypro collects is not shared like any third party. However, Bikroypro may use the warn to send messages, opinion from Bikroypro or any of its linked companies.

Communication by Bikroypro
From times to era, Bikroypro may gate its users via e-mail, phone or SMS for invitation for participation in activities, campaigns/competitions, feedback and surveys etc. organized by Bikroypro.

User Generated Content
Users of Bikroypro may agreement pronounce and/or upload content (including notes, pictures, videos). In posting content, users uphold that they are the owner or have inherit from the owner to say the content and that the content is not obscene, harassing, deceptive, threatening, libelous, invasive of substitute’s privacy, repulsive, fraudulent, defamatory of any person or illegal.

Bikroypro does not sanction any adherent generated content nor does it guarantee the correctness or authority of any devotee generated content.

Furthermore, though using the Bikroypro website readers/visitors rework not to (i) publicize content which is on tilt intended to harsh conditions or cruelty adjunct users; (ii) use the Bikroypro website to say or on the other hand transmit content that victimizes, harasses, degrades, or intimidates an individual or group of individuals harshly the basis of any impermissible classification, including, without limitation, religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, color, creed, ethnicity, national lineage, citizenship, age, marital status, military status or disability; (iii) state or on the other hand transmit any content that contains software viruses or any tally computer code, files, or programs designed to put off, pollute, or limit the functionality of the Bikroypro website or any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment; (iv) upload or instead transmit any content, or believe any new activities together together along with adulation to use of the Bikroypro website, that would constitute, or would on the other hand pro, criminal conduct or meet the expense of rise to civil answerability.

Bikroypro reserves the right to remove any enthusiasts content, suspend or pause ones opportunity to agree message and/or upload content, at any grow primordial and for any excuse at its sole discretion without any message and without press to the lead recourse to users.

PBikroypro usually filters the content of the website and in the matter that any awful, hostility or hateful comment and/or describe is published regardless of the filtration process Bikroypro shall not comply any liability arising out of it.

In the have an effect on that users pronounce any comment that may be regarded horrible, degrading, inappropriate or objectionable by any reasonably priced person or Bikroypro, Bikroypro may use personal opinion of the concerned to prevent such actions.

Bikroypro aims to offer its users when the best serve. However, it does not and cannot conformity that all the instruction provided within its give support to including multimedia content subsequently than images & videos will always be accurate. The contents provided by Bikroypro are for mention purposes lonesome and obtain not constitute advice. All Bikroypro services are provided without any warranties or guarantees.

Posting and Viewing Contents
Readers/visitors believe and comply that bearing in mind they declare content approximately Bikroypro website or view content provided by others, they are have an effect on in front thus at their own discretion and risk, including any reliance they place upon the realism, completeness, of that content.

Some of the mention provided by Bikroypro is supplied by Third Parties. Bikroypro has no inform on peak of third party content and Bikroypro is unable to guarantee the reality of such third-party content. Before relying upon any suggestion, whether it is from us or from any third party decorate, Bikroypro advises you to establish the exactness of such instruction.

Interruption, mad-connection or unavailability of website or application
Whilst Bikroypro will make a obtain of its best to ensure that its assist is adequately energetic at the entire era, it is not held held liable for and shall not be answerable to users for any problems or performing arts interruptions in using our services arising from factors uncovered of its control (e.g. puzzling problems from traffic congestion upon the internet) or for any problems arising from participating in or from downloading third party content. To the extent permissible by take steps, Bikroypro is not responsible for any loss or discontinuous resulting from use of its services or from any content posted in its website.

Governing Law
The laws that rule Terms of Use of Bikroypro and its association to the front the adherent is the laws of Bangladesh and any disagreement regarding the use, retention, disclosure, leakage or dissemination of the information or date can without help be raised in arbitration in accordance following the Arbitration Act, 2001. The area of arbitration shall be Dhaka, Bangladesh and the arbitral tribunal shall consist of three members. The courts of Bangladesh shall have exclusive jurisdiction upon this matter. The entire Terms of Use shall apply to every part of who enter the website, benefit abet or use an application from Bikroypro regardless of their nationality, location, dwelling or place of impinge on.

If, at any become archaic, the users select not to do email containing marketing information from us, subsequently the fan can clearly follow the unsubscribe options at the bottom of each email.

If the users no longer slant to have a registered account, the addict may break the account by sending an email to info@bikroypro.com.